The color designs. What’s painted already. Thanks to you!

The old town buildings

Colors with a history

The old town buildings


Black and heavy, rough and raw

Farbica painting - Ajaskanta

The facade painting

One color in various forms

Site specific art - Facade painting


Like an autumn meadow

Farbica painting - Aper

The studio

Raw materials, finely finished

Color design of an artist studio

The condo

Soft shades vs contrast

Color design of a condo

The family home

Elegantly materialized colors

Color design for a family home

Frost pattern

A silver sea of crystals

Farbica painting - Frost pattern

The kindergarten

Lively variety in simple clarity

Color design of a kindergarten

The scientific library

Colors neatly arranged; surprises included

Color design of a scientific library

The color space

A dream came true

Color design of a studio apartment


Iridescent like mother-of-pearl

Farbica painting - Féerie

The wooden house

Unlike a charming chalet

Color design for a wooden house

The country house

Warm earth tones and the cool white of limestone paint

Color concept for a country house

The farmhouse

Freshly spruced up and newly harnessed

Color design of a farmhouse

Gold foil - Gold rush

The allurement

Farbica painting - Gold foil - Gold rush

The town apartment

Chic as once

Color design of an apartment


Jade green and sage silver: mixed

Farbica painting - Talco

The palazzo

The opulence of simplicity