The studio

Raw materials, finely finished

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On the facade of the studio, the dry pigments iron oxide and iron glimmer are used as coloring materials. The metallic shimmering ribbons of iron glimmer alternate with the matt and rusty red iron oxide. This regular pattern of the color stripes loosely outplays the different wide boards of the facade, while the interaction creates amazing extravagant rhythms.

Also, the theme of ribbons, stripes and rhythms is implemented in the interior, but the materialization there is different: Paints of cream-white china clay and blue white talc are applied by horizontal brushstrokes onto the light-brown clay plaster. Layered over each other the paint materials condense to a gentle radiance.

Two walls remain without a coating and show the raw clay plaster. The different characters of the walls are bent together by a dark and grey-blue ribbon at the base.

The project: An artist studio in Riehen, CH
Architectur: LOST Architects
Color design, color samples and paint recipes: Farbica
Execution: 2006