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Blue with a shade of black or grey

Steel blue is a shade of the color blue. Usually a blue with reduced chroma. It is a blue with a more or less increased proportion of black or gray and is therefore usually considered as blue-gray color. The term Steel blue goes back to the fact that the hue has a similarity with the color of the heated and tarnished steel.

Definitions of Steel blue

The designated web color Steelblue

Steel blue was recorded in 1987 as a named color in the color list of the X window system. Since the establishment of the World Wide Web, Steel blue is a named web color with the CSS-designation Steelblue.

Color coordinates

Hex: #4682b4
sRGB: 70, 130,180
HLC: 256, 52,34
CMYK: 61, 28, 0, 29
HSV: 207°, 61%, 71%

The RAL classic tint Steel blue

In the color catalog of RAL classic, Steel blue is a defined color. It has the number 5011. Steel blue in the RAL classic color catalog differs in its shade from the named web color.

Color coordinates

Hex: #282f41
sRGB: 40, 47,65
HLC: 273, 19, 13
CMYK: 3, 28, 0, 86
HSV: 223°, 38%, 25%

The color range

The color name is found also in the hue fans of several paint manufacturers. The tints listed there under the name Steel blue differ in their color values, as well as by the named web color. Therefor, Steel blue doesn't refer to single color tone defined by measured values, but to a series of color nuances in the blue-gray color range.

The hue range of Steel blue

Figure 1: The hue range of Steel blue. For representing, accordingly named shades from different paint or colorant manufacturers served as source material.

Colorants and pigments

Steel blue (and iron blue) is a common name for pigments and colorants, of which the production is based on the use of iron(II,III), such as Prussian blue, Berlin blue, or Paris blue. The trade name of a certain type of Prussian blue was also Steel blue. 1

Scientific use

In the sciences, the term for Steel blue is chalybeus. Usually the term is used as a particularistic additive to a generic term.


A color scheme with Steel blue

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