The condo

Soft shades vs contrast

0-eigentumswohnung.jpg 1-eigentumswohnung.jpg 2-eigentumswohnung.jpg 3-eigentumswohnung.jpg

The structuring of the rooms is done with four shades of opaque white; light purple, light green, light ocher, neutral white. This color shades are painted over the niches, panels and edges, to summarize the areas and to clearly shape the rooms volumes.

The accentuation of two architectural details is done by a contrasting pair of color shades: English red and ultramarine blue. This two shades are separated in space and thus create a tension throughout the rooms.

Loosely painted glazes in a silky golden yellow and in a fresh light blue are coloring the air and thus create a unique atmosphere. The glazes fill the area only and don’t go over the edges. Thus, the beautiful depth of the colors unfolds seamlessly.

The project: A condo in a new building in Seltisberg BL
Color design, color samples and paint recipes: Farbica
Paints: Acrylics, cellulose glue
Execution: 2004