The family home

Elegantly materialized colors

0-einfamilienhaus.jpg 1-einfamilienhaus.jpg 2-einfamilienhaus.jpg 2a-einfamilienhaus.jpg 3-einfamilienhaus.jpg 4-einfamilienhaus.jpg 5-einfamilienhaus.jpg

Four intense colored walls individualize the rooms of this family home and highlight the varied structured space. The color areas are set geometrically unconventional on the walls and show colors of silvery ocher, bright red, dark moss green with golden glitter and Terra Ercolano.

Red, green and yellow are used as components of tension, while the brick red of the pigment Terra Ercolano performs as the intermediate color. In large scale it extends vertically on the central staircase wall over three floors.

The colored areas are embedded in customized shades of white: white tinted with ocher on one hand a white with green-grey tint on the other. The ceiling shows all the silver-matte and creamy white of the pigment china clay. Moss green and Terra Ercolano are applied in a unique style of brushwork.

The project. A newly built detached house in Seltisberg BL
Color design, color samples and paint recipes: Farbica 
Paints and recipes: Farbica paint Terra Ercolano, casein-bound distemper, glue-bound distemper
Execution: 2005