The scientific library

Colors neatly arranged; surprises included

0-fachbibliothek.jpg 1-fachbibliothek.jpg 2-fachbibliothek.jpg 3-fachbibliothek.jpg 4-fachbibliothek.jpg

The color scheme operates with three variables: a) the differentiation of color shades according to the use of the rooms, b) a hued color triad and c) a prominently used color contrast of bright and dark.

Associated to the single spaces are russet, a businesslike Savvy Gray and Beam White (a). The seminar room is painted in three shades of cool greenish greys which finely circumscribe the precisely set dimensions (a, b). A strong contrast of bright and dark is set by the haematite colored and fine crafted archway to the skylight lit room with its bright white wall as the only one in the whole ensemble (a, c).

The large walls of the archives, the heart of the library, are painted all around with brick red Terra Ercolana in disciplined horizontal brush strokes (a). All the walls and ceilings of the corridors wear a very light grey (a).

The project: A newly established library in a converted townhouse in Basel 
Color design, color samples and paint recipes: Farbica 
Paints: Methyl cellulose, Acrylic 
Execution: 2004