The color space

A dream came true

0-farbenraum.jpg 1-farbenraum.jpg 2-farbenraum.jpg 6-farbenraum.jpg 7-farbenraum.jpg 8-farbenraum.jpg 9-farbenraum.jpg

There should be a red wooden floor. This much was set in terms of the color scheme. After that came the turquoise for the ceiling, a milky coffee beige, gold and Caput Mortuum for the walls. In the bathrooms the floor changes its color to turquoise and the walls show off shades if pink, gold, a shade of white and Caput Mortuum. At least, there is an intense pink for the kitchen furniture.

No less than seven strong color individuals gather in the two rooms. But the harmony among them isn’t disturbed. Rather, they splendidly benefit each other of their respective and peculiar beauty.

To this, the careful composition of the paint materials contribute significantly: The glaze of oil, matte chalk and the glimmering mica live side by side. There are several qualities of pink. Opaque painted iron oxide faces golden glitter. Finally, hand made paint materials and specific ways to apply them complete this color dream.

The project: A workshop, turned into residential premises in Richterswil ZH
Color design, color samples: Annelies Strba, Farbica
Paint recipes and paints: Farbica
Execution: 2008