The facade painting

One color in various forms

0-fassadenmalerei.jpg 1-fassadenmalerei.jpg 2-fassadenmalerei.jpg 3-fassadenmalerei.jpg 4-fassadenmalerei.jpg 5-fassadenmalerei.jpg

In addition to the white primer and dark gray vertical stripes, only a specific green color should have its appearance in this facade painting. By layering the paint this green was to solidify and so was to modulate and varied color tone. Not an easy task for the green soloist!

Fortunately, the required paint has been flexible in handling, because the transparency of the paint was easy to adjust thanks to a paint medium. In a few sample tasks the degrees of transparency were determined. A talent, the green soloist!

But not too smooth or equal should the painting be. Although bound in forms, the painting expressly should be expressive. To put this to work, the painting was carried out by ‘four hands’ with roller and brush. So there was a collaboration of a troupe in behind the successful performance of the green soloist!

The project: Site specific art on the facades of a municipal sports centre in Zurich
Architecture: SUPAARCH Suter Partner Architekten AG
Artistic concept: Valentin Hauri
Color samples and implementation: Farbica
Execution: 2013