The wooden house

Unlike a charming chalet

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Given were a timbering in OSB-sheets and a visible frame of wooden beams. These harsh materials are refined and made homely only through the application of selected paint qualities.

The walls and ceilings are all covered with silvery shimmering pearlescent pigments. This transparent silver sheen turns the structure of yellowish OSB-sheets into cool, glamorous and wide spaces, in which the light is sensitively reflected as in fresh snow. Using transparent iron oxide pigments in oil, the given color of the floor panels is fired and deepened. The floor now glows softly yellow-orange.

In contrast, the framing work in its whole mightiness is painted in midnight blue. Thanks to the concerted formulation of the used oil paint, the beautiful texture and character of the wood beams is preserved.

The project: A new built wooden house in the village of Albinen, CH
Color design, color samples and paint recipes: Farbica
Paints: Farbica paint Eisblume, Acrylic and casein paint, oil bound distemper, floor oil
Execution: 2007