The kindergarten

Lively variety in simple clarity

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Fresh and present color hues meet earlier and slightly retro-looking color shades. Sets of nuances, which vividly contrast in the kindergarten, but pleasantly harmonize in the residential house.

The color tone of the facades derives from the color of the dark brown roof tiles. This single color tone vividly varies in its appearance, caused by the different texture of the surfaces and the application of silicate paint, glossy oil paint and shimmering glaze paint.

In the kindergarten, a contrasting color combination is realized. The color combination features shades of yellow and blue, to achieve an exciting and friendly atmosphere throughout the rooms. The color scheme in the residential house is doubled monochrome. Scales of greenish-gray and yellow ocher hues reveal a stylistically appropriate, retrospective mood.

There is a number of nuances of yellow and blue, greenish gray and ocher which are carefully matched to each other as to the contrasting colors. Each nuance is associated with a specific surfaces or material, assigning a coherent value to the components of the building.

The Project: Partial reconstruction and refurbishment of a former farmhouse in Therwil BL
Conversion to a kindergarten and residential house respectively
Architecture: LOST Architects
Color design and paint samples: Farbica
Execution: 2016