The country house

Warm earth tones and the cool white of limestone paint

0-landhaus.jpg 1-landhaus.jpg 2-landhaus.jpg 3-landhaus.jpg 4-landhaus.jpg 6-landhaus.jpg 7-landhaus.jpg

Four hues are used for the color design: As a base, limestone paint is either tinted with the dry pigments verona green earth, raw sienna or burnt umber. These hues occur in all possible combinations. Whereas the first color shade covers the walls, the second color tone draws the ribbon at the base — a reminiscence of an earlier stage of the painting in these rooms.

The window niches remained limestone white. In further niches strong color accents are set with ultramarine blue and titanium orange.

The whole painting was carried out in thorough brush work and in one layer only to achieve the full luminosity of the whitewash and its typical texture.

The project: Refurbishment of a farmhouse and former annex of a palazzo
Architecture: Canevascini & Corecco Architetti
Color design, color samples and paint recipes: Farbica
Paints: Limestone paint, casein paint
Execution: 2006