The farmhouse

Freshly spruced up and newly harnessed

0-oekonomiegebaeude.jpg 1-oekonomiegebaeude.jpg 3-oekonomiegebaeude.jpg 5-oekonomiegebaeude.jpg 6-oekonomiegebaeude.jpg 7-oekonomiegebaeude.jpg 8-oekonomiegebaeude.jpg 9-oekonomiegebaeude.jpg 10-oekonomiegebaeude.jpg

The peculiarity of this house is its division into loggia and interior and it is a further peculiarity, that the separation just happens below the ridge of the roof. Of course, this feature must be highlighted and beautifully presented. Therefore, the massive wall is all over coated with golden ocher, inside and outside, from the foundation up to the ridge and along the entire length. Because almost every room verges on this central wall in this or that way, also the color ocher with its warm charm appears all across the house, extensively here, as a small piece there.

All further interior walls are painted in a shade of white. A white tone that receives its character through the simple, but strictly performed materialization of all surfaces: a single coat of lime paint is applied to the lime plaster. And some iron oxide pigment has been added to the lime paint. These few ingredients perform a white with a cool, fresh scent of pink on the walls and a clean light in the rooms. The color is spruced up further by the matte gray of the ribbon at the base including a brown-red contrast line.

While the interior is newly built, the loggia and the facade remained untouched. Because over the years and decades the added layers of paint weathered to a vibrant color which one wanted to preserve. So the mending repairs were either done by adding translucent coats of paint or they were painted over in terms of texture and color.

The project: Refurbishment of 3 buildings around a courtyard in a small swiss village
Architecture: Canevascini & Corecco Architetti
Color design, color samples and paint recipes: Farbica
Paints: Limestone paint, casein paint, linseed oil paint
Execution: 2012