The town apartment

Chic as once

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The renovation work in the apartment made it visible; in the thirties of the last century people liked colored rooms. This approach is taken up in the new color scheme and even in the choice of the paint materials. Due to this casein bound paint and oil paint is used.

In the living rooms the ceilings are all chalk white while the rounded friezes are painted in a light and slightly green gray. The rooms are individualized by the ever different colors of the walls: Considering the light conditions, there are shades in raw umber, iron oxide brown and ocher.

All wooden parts are coated with oil paint. The white paint used for the doors and window frames is delicately shaded with raw umber. The base boards are painted olive-gray, contrasting the oiled oak floors. So chords of five color shades compose a unique mood in the rooms.

Strong color accents are set in the kitchen with the green-gray painted wall covering and in the bathroom, a rust-red colored ribbon emphasizes its exciting angularity.

The project: Refurbishment of a 3-bedroom apartment in a ‘Baumgartner-House’, built around 1930
Color design, color samples and paint recipes: Farbica
Paints: Casein paint, linseed oil paint
Execution: 2009