Color plan - It's lain in the land of porcelain

The color palette

It's lain in the land of porcelain, a color scheme individual and of subtle exotic style. The main color is a shade of pale pink. Other colors are of restrained richness too, but picturesque names: Oyster white, Quaker grey and Flamenco violet. The cool grey of the ceiling adds a rather unexpected facet to the color combination.


What's inside ?

The color scheme of choice, combining up to four color shades.

The right accent color for contrasting details.

The illustrated assigning of the color tones for different types of rooms.

The table with all color numbers.

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The benefits

Get started quickly

Each color shade is associated with the code for the paint dosing system. Thus, it's made easy to transform your color dreams into freshly painted rooms.

Put it into action

Select the desired color schemes. Let the paint dealer mix the paint. Paint. Or let a craftsman run the color plan.

Worldwide usable

The color plans provide the codes of international color standards.

Buy and download

The color plan It's lain in the land of porcelain is available for download immediately after purchase and will be displayed in the browser. It then can be saved as a PDF document.

$ 5.00

Test it

Before you buy, try out a free color plan !

Misses Lilian and Viola Lilac
The relevance of beauty

Scenes around the color scheme:
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The matching furniture to the color scheme:
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