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As color designers we plan colorings and compose color tones in space and architecture. For us the color in its materialization is as important as its visual appearance.

At least a color manifests itself on the surface. But our planning reaches deeper: we think and plan color up from the basis, up from the scratch.

The constant discussion of the conditions of color and coloration and their contexts often leads us to surprising solutions. If those convince aesthetically and technically, we consider the color design as successful.


Three buildings in Basel's old town were under renovation and are now adapted for the needs of the new utilization. Also, the colors of the architectural ensemble are renewed - taking into account its long history.


farbica-farbgebung-altstadt-442.jpg farbica-farbgebung-altstadt-644.jpg farbica-farbgebung-altstadt-863.jpg farbica-farbgebung-altstadt-895.jpg farbica-farbgebung-altstadt-941.jpg farbica-farbgebung-altstadt-948.jpg farbica-farbgebung-altstadt-951.jpg

After a change of ownership, the requirement arose to completely reinterpret the colors of a city villa. The individual rooms were painted each with subtly varied, delicate purple and white, shades of color.


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